Guest Information

Dress Codes

This dress code defines the minimum requirement for proper attire. The Club always honors more traditional attire such as coats and ties and other modes of formal dress.


Most Dining Venues in Clubhouse

  • Men/ Boys: Collared shirt, dress slacks, or bermuda length shorts.
  • Women/ Girls: Dresses, skirts, slacks, and shorts of mid-thigh length minimum.

Covered Outer Porch

  • Men/Boys ages 16 and over, sport jacket required. A tie is optional.

Grille Room

Attire in keeping with the character of the Club in the Grille Room. This includes traditional Club Casual attire, as well as denim of any color, and fitness attire in good taste. If a tee shirt was worn for fitness, either change to a collared shirt or wear a collared warm-up when entering the Grille Room. With the exception of the Men’s Locker Room, men and boys may not wear hats, caps or visors in any Club building – “no cover under cover”.


Due to the frequent use of the Grille Room for business entertainment purposes during golf season, between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day, the Grille Room requires Club Casual or tennis attire for lunch and dinner service as described below:

Men/Boys: Collared shirt, slacks, Bermuda length shorts or tennis whites. Women/Girls: Dresses, skirts, slacks, shorts of mid-thigh length minimum or tennis whites.


Golf attire for all men, women, and children must be in keeping with the Club tradition. Blue jeans, cut-off shorts, cargo pants/ shorts, tennis clothing, tank tops or tee shirts are not permitted to be worn by men or women. Men’s and women’s shorts (or skirts) must be mid-thigh length or longer. Women’s sleeveless shirts must have a collar. These rules apply to the golf course, pro shop, driving range, putting green and chipping areas. With the exception of the Men’s and Ladies’ locker rooms hats, caps, and visors, may not be worn in the clubhouse.


All Members and their guests are required to wear tennis whites as described in the Tennis Handbook. Tennis clothing is permitted in the Tavern and Outside Terrace of the clubhouse during the tennis season.


Denim is permitted in good taste.

Summer Village/Pool

Attire in keeping with the character of the Club in the Summer Village. This includes traditional Club Casual attire, as well as denim of any color and fitness /swim attire in good taste. A cover up or tee shirt must be worn in any of the Summer Village buildings, including the pool office. With the exception of the locker rooms, footwear must be worn in any Summer Village building.

Note: Swimsuits may not be worn in any Club facilities outside the Summer Village. Cargo pants/shorts, cut-off shorts, or torn/tattered clothing is not permitted in any Club venue at any time.

Cell Phones

The use of cellular phones is strictly prohibited anywhere on Club property with the following exceptions:

  • Discreet use of smartphones for reviewing email or text messages is allowed.
  • Brief, discrete cellular phone calls may be taken in the phone booths in the main lobby, adjacent to the house phones in the Men’s and Ladies’ Locker Rooms, the Pool Office, the Halfway House and the Paddle House.
  • Members are responsible for their guests’ compliance with this policy


Members introducing guests will be responsible for each guest’s conduct while on Club premises and for any debt, liability or loss incurred by such guest. It shall be the responsibility of Members to introduce as guests only those individuals who conform to, and whose conduct is consistent with, the standards prevailing for Members. Members shall accompany their guests at all times, unless they have been issued a guest pass or are an overnight guest of the Club. When using the facilities for golf, tennis and swimming, the Member host must register all guests upon their arrival at the facility so proper guest fees can be applied.


With the exception of golf locker rooms, and valet services, cash gratuities of clubhouse employees are strictly prohibited.