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Important Information:

2024 New Caddie Registration is currently FULL

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All new caddie applicants will be required to attend a Virtual Orientation and On-Site Training Class.

- Must be 13 years or older to apply to become a caddie

- No prior caddie or golf experience required

- All new caddie applicants are required to attend a Virtual Orientation (Date TBD)

- All new caddie applicants must complete at least 1 entire Training Class (Full weekend: Friday (4pm-6pm), Saturday (2pm-6pm), Sunday (2pm-6pm) on-course training here at CCD.  Training Classes will begin as soon as weather permits use of the golf course)

- All new caddies are required to pass an on-course and written test to be admitted to the CCD Caddie Program

*New Caddie Registration can fill up quickly so make sure to register as early as possible*

If you have any questions related to the Caddie Program or Golf Services, please email:

Ryan J. Grant | Director of Golf Services | [email protected]

A Tradition at the Country Club of Detroit

Caddies have been an essential part of golf since the early Scottish links were laid out in the mid-1500's, establishing a rich tradition that grew with the founding of the first country clubs in North America in the latter part of the 1800's.

Due to the stewardship of generations of golfers, Country Club of Detroit is fortunate to have one of the largest and most respected caddie programs in the United States. The program provides many benefits to area youth, helping establish a good work ethic, building communication skills and exposing caddies to outstanding role models from across our membership.

Evans Scholars Foundation

Country Club of Detroit is a proud ongoing sponsor of the Evans Scholar Foundation. The “Chick” Evans Scholars Foundation awards full tuition and housing scholarships to deserving caddies across the country. There are currently 910 Scholars attending top universities throughout the United States. Most Evans Scholars live in a campus Scholarship House with other Evans Scholars. To qualify for the scholarship, students must have outstanding academic and caddie records.

The Evans Scholars Foundation was created by Charles “Chick” Evans, Jr., an outstanding amateur golfer of the 1910’s and 1920’s. In 1916, Evans became the first amateur to win the U.S. Open and U.S. Amateur. Due to this accomplishment, Evans was given several thousand dollars in royalties to record golf instructions for the Brunswick Record Company. By accepting this money, he would have lost his amateur status. His mother suggested that “he should put the money to good use by sponsoring a scholarship fund for caddies”. Evans went to the Western Golf Association (WGA), an organization that ran golf championships in the Midwest, to get their support for his scholarship. In 1930, the WGA agreed to oversee the scholarship program.

Evans Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

  • Strong Caddie Record: Candidates must have caddied for a minimum of two years and are also expected to caddie at their sponsoring Club during the summer when they apply for scholarship.
  • Excellent Academics: Candidates must have an excellent high school academic record, achieving above a B average in college prep classes. Applicants must also provide ACT college test scores.
  • Demonstrated Financial Need: Candidates must clearly establish their need for financial assistance.
  • Outstanding Character: Letters of recommendation from Club and high school officials must attest to the applicant’s high moral character. Finalists are personally interviewed at one of a series of Selection Meetings, co-hosted by the WGA and its affiliates.

To learn more about the Evans Scholars Foundation, visit the website: