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Caddie Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2017 season. 

Phone: 313.881.3489

At Country Club of Detroit, we encourage our members and guests to help support our Caddie program by using a caddie while playing a round of golf on site. However, we do also have carts available should you need one.

Caddies have been an essential part of golf since the early Scottish links were laid out in the mid-1500's, establishing a rich tradition that grew with the founding of the first country clubs in North America in the latter part of the 1800's.

Due to the stewardship of generations of golfers, Country Club of Detroit is fortunate to have one of the largest and most respected caddie programs in the United States. The program provides many benefits to area youth, helping establish a good work ethic, building communication skills and exposing caddies to outstanding role models from across our membership.

Returning Caddies

A new information card must be completed and turned to the Golf Services Department prior to caddying. Please contact Golf Services at 313-881-3489 with any questions.

Caddie Uniform

The Country Club of Detroit uniform consists of khaki pants or shorts, a white collared sport shirt, green caddie bib and name tag. Hooded sweatshirts and cargo shorts are not permitted. CCD will provide caddies with a caddie bib and name tag. Jackets or sweatshirts are permitted in cold weather.

Caddie House Rules

  • The caddie uniform consists of khaki pants or shorts, a white collared sport shirt, green caddie bib with name tag. Caddies must wear the required uniform in order to caddie.
  • Caddies may not solicit any member for work (i.e. ask if you can caddie for them) at anytime.
  • Caddies may not complain/speak to any member regarding pay rates, tips, and single or double bagging or lack thereof.
  • Caddies must never, under any circumstances, alter or change a pay chit in any way.
  • Caddies will never refuse a loop assignment. If you are in the caddie shack, you are there to caddie. If you have completed your loop and are not going to caddie again, you must call for your ride and leave the property in a timely manner.
  • Caddies will never quit a loop during a round unless you are ill and cannot continue. Caddies will never quit loops after 9-holes claiming they need to leave early due to a previous engagement. If you need to leave by a certain time, you must tell a Golf Services Manager upon your arrival.
  • Caddies should only be at the hallway house on their loop. The caddie meal consists of a hot dog, bag of chips or candy bar and fountain pop. No substitutions are allowed.
  • Caddies who drive a car to the Club must park down the hill on the west side of the parking lot and past the tennis courts regardless of the season.
  • Noise level of the caddie shack will remain low at all times.
  • The caddie shack will be clean and orderly at all times. Use the waste containers provided. All empty pop cans are to be placed in the boxes provided.
  • Stealing or vandalism will not be tolerated.
  • Fighting will not be tolerated.
  • Consumption of illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, or gambling will not be allowed.
  • You are expected to bring your own towel from home. While some towels may be found lying around, they are Club property, which may be collected at any time.
  • The Golf Services Office, Bag Room, Locker Rooms, Clubhouse and Pro Shop are off limits to all caddies.

Questions & Answers

How do I become a caddie at the Country Club of Detroit?

You must register and meet all caddie requirements to be accepted in the caddie program. Once you are accepted, you must pass the Western Golf Association Caddie Exam.

Is prior golf experience helpful to become a caddie?

Prior caddying experience is not necessary but you should have basic knowledge of the game.

When does the caddie season start?

Our golf season depends on the weather. The season usually runs from April through October. Caddie opportunities are available Tuesday through Sunday.

Do I have to pay for my caddie uniform?

You are responsible for the purchase of your pants/shorts and shirt. The Club will provide the caddie bib and name tag

Are there different caddie levels?

Yes, there are four caddie levels. They are trainee, intermediate, captain and honor. Caddies are promoted through the ranks based on the number of completed rounds, years of experience, golf and course knowledge and member evaluations/recommendations.

How do caddies get paid?

Each caddie level is assigned a base rate. The member then adds a tip to the base rate for the total amount of compensation. Caddies are paid by check on Friday for the previous week.

Evans Scholars Foundation

Country Club of Detroit is a proud ongoing sponsor of the Evans Scholar Foundation. The “Chick” Evans Scholars Foundation awards full tuition and housing scholarships to deserving caddies across the country. There are currently 910 Scholars attending top universities throughout the United States. Most Evans Scholars live in a campus Scholarship House with other Evans Scholars. To qualify for the scholarship, students must have outstanding academic and caddie records.

The Evans Scholars Foundation was created by Charles “Chick” Evans, Jr., an outstanding amateur golfer of the 1910’s and 1920’s. In 1916, Evans became the first amateur to win the U.S. Open and U.S. Amateur. Due to this accomplishment, Evans was given several thousand dollars in royalties to record golf instructions for the Brunswick Record Company. By accepting this money, he would have lost his amateur status. His mother suggested that “he should put the money to good use by sponsoring a scholarship fund for caddies”. Evans went to the Western Golf Association (WGA), an organization that ran golf championships in the Midwest, to get their support for his scholarship. In 1930, the WGA agreed to oversee the scholarship program.

Evans Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

  • Strong Caddie Record: Candidates must have caddied for a minimum of two years and are also expected to caddie at their sponsoring Club during the summer when they apply for scholarship.
  • Excellent Academics: Candidates must have an excellent high school academic record, achieving above a B average in college prep classes. Applicants must also provide ACT college test scores.
  • Demonstrated Financial Need: Candidates must clearly establish their need for financial assistance.
  • Outstanding Character: Letters of recommendation from Club and high school officials must attest to the applicant’s high moral character. Finalists are personally interviewed at one of a series of Selection Meetings, co-hosted by the WGA and its affiliates.

To learn more about the Evans Scholars Foundation, visit the website:

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